Reusable Quality Armature System

TruForm Armatures

TruForm Armature systems were created by professional sculptors with the goal of providing sculptors of all levels with the best and most innovative sculpture armature concept on the market.

Our Products are proven to enhance the entire sculpting experience.

TruForm Armature systems allow the sculptor to visualize, or actually "see", the composition and significant gesture of the piece before applying any clay.

We provide great service, the best products on the market and are available for questions and comments at any time.

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TruForm Equine Armatures
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TruForm Figure Armatures
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TruForm Skulls
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TruForm Backirons
"TruForm Armatures has revolutionized our art form. The skeletal features and all the salient anatomical points are established to scale and every flexible joint is in its exact location and is fully functional.

Therefore, all figurative sculptors, from beginners to professionals, are able to establish the significant gesture and movement of their desired pose within minutes, not hours and days.

Embrace the 21st century by employing the TruForm Armature system. It works, so we can work smarter."

Garland A. Weeks
Fellow National Sculpture Society